Destinations is a list of favorites airports submitted by our members: $100 hamburgers, grass strips, air museums, homebuilders, fly-in campgrounds, and more. Please use the Destinations form to add to the listing. Destinations is moderated by Andy Metzka


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Florala Municipal (0J4)

Florala, AL. Sunshine Aero operates a great BBQ located on the field. All you can eat for $5.00. FBO lobby as tables and chairs for eating. Military makes frequent stops just to get the lunch. Caution – No avgas located on field, jet only.

Moontown (3M5)

Huntsville, AL. All are welcome anytime to Moontown. We have a great grass strip just over 2200 feet. We have a great breakfast every 3rd Saturday in which people fly in from all over. I have the only 140 on the field at this time. All are welcome. Blake in Alabama.

Isbell Field (4A9)

Fort Payne, AL. EAA Chapter breakfast and Young Eagle flights on 5th Saturday of the month.


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Bold Airport (A13)

Anchorage, AK. A 1000′ gravel strip at the end of Eklutna Lake. Great fun to land! The mountains rise on three sides, with Eklutna Lake the remaining side.


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Horseshoe Bend (6M2)

Horseshoe Bend, AR. Great restaurant within a block. “Nancy’s”. Paved runway 13/31. While you’re there, check out the photos of the people and planes that have visited. Breakfast is the best.


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Laughlin/Bullhead International (IFP)

Bullhead City, AZ. Great place to overnight or find food – large number of casinos to choose from.

Ernest A Love Field (PRC)

Prescott, AZ. The airport has a great little restaurant offering views of both runways. There is one hotel just off the end of the field called Antelope Valley Inn. They will pick you up at the terminal.

Sedona (SEZ)

Sedona, AZ. Spectacular view of colored cliffs. The airport is on a bluff making for a carrier type landing. Airport Cafe with good food, prices are moderate. Motel within walking distance prices little on the high side. Can get hot there in the summer. Wonderful winter weather. Fantastic picture taking country. Artist community down from the airport in the valley with many things to do and lots of places to eat.


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California City Municipal (L71)

California City, CA. Great little airport cafe open Tuesday thru Sunday serving breakfast and lunch. Choose from the buffet or a menu selection. Great fuel prices and they still offer 80/87. The airfield is very active for both skydiving and gliders so be on the lookout for them.

Camarillo (CMA)

Camarillo, CO Excellent restaurant on the field for breakfast and lunch (tri-tip sandwiches on weekends a favorite). Cheapest (self serve) gas around. (80 octane nearby, at Santa Paul–SZP). CAF base, active EAA chapter, ultralight field. Lots of project planes in hangers. Very active place!

Catalina (AVX)

Avalon, CA. 3,000′ x 75′ – lighted* *Field closed after hours. RWY lights for emergency use only. Right traffic RWY 22. Use of Unicom (122.7) is mandatory for all operations. Unique runway and approach requires your further investigation before flying into this destination. Restaurant on field. Airport bus to Avalon $15 round trip. Scenic tours of Island by boat or bus. Swimming, golf, tennis, scuba diving, fishing, boating, horse, bikes, museums and galleries. Many hotel accomodations available.

Death Valley National Park – Furnace Creek (L06)

Death Valley, CA. Furnace Creek Ranch and Resort is a great destination 3 out of 4 seasons. They serve Sunday Brunch and will pick you up at the airport.

Half Moon Bay (HAF)

Half Moon Bay, CA – 30 Cafe – Best Breakfast award winner (multiple years). Long & wide runway, fly in over marina. Gas available via self service pumps

Porterville Municipal (PTV)

Porterville, CA. Great Cafe on the field, good food, decent prices, over the top service. Friendly FBO, with 80/87 and 100LL available.

Paso Robles Municipal (PRB)

Paso Robles, CA. Comments- Huge airport with crosswind runways (imagine that!). Matthews restaurant 805-237-2007- excellent!

Flabob (RIR)

Riverside, CA. 3,200′ x 50′ runway – lighted. Calm wind runway 24 left traffic (area is carved out of Riverside class D airspace). 120/140 Assoc. meets every 4th Sunday at Flabob Cafe. Home to EAA Chapter 1.

Santa Ynez (IZA)

Santa Ynez, CA. 2,804″ x 75′ runway – lighted. Right traffic RWY 8. The Danish town of Solvang is just 4 miles sw of the airport. Unique shopping and dining experiences abound. Car rentals available as is taxi service into town. Just a one and one half hour drive up the coast is the infamous Hearst Castle, reknowned for it’s beautiful art and arcitecture. Great weekend getaway!

Tehachapi Municipal (TSP)

Tehachapi, CA. The airport offers several restaurants within walking distance. The Apple Shed has a local flavor and also offers a gift shop that includes fudge and desserts. It is cool relief from the local deserts and is surrounded by mountains but easy to fly into. Mountain Valley Airport (L94) located a couple of miles away offers an onfield restaurant. Be on the lookout for numerous gliders as you fly into the Tehachapi Valley.


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Greeley-Weld County (GXY)

Greeley, CO. Great for breakfast especially on Weekends


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Sussex County (GED)

Georgetown, DE. Very good food right on the field. Taxi right up to the restaurant. Good cream of crab soup. 7 Days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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Wakulla County (2J0)

Panacea, FL. Oaks Restaurant located about 1.5 miles from the field. Call (850) 984-5370 and they will come and pick you up. Good seafood.

Ferguson (82J)

Pensacola, FL. Very nice uncontrolled airport in the Pensacola area. You’ve got restaurants, but that’s not what makes this a great stop. If you are in the area take time to visit the Naval Air Museum located about 5 miles away. Smithsonian class type museum that is amazing. There’s even a restaurant using the old O-club from the former Naval Air Station that was in the Phillipines. Lots of history with the actual naval aircraft that made it, no replicas there. The actual NC-4 Curtiss Flying Boat is housed inside. At  Ferguson, talk to (Bill)Waldo Pepper on how to get there. Waldo, a retired Marine RIO in F4’s will be glad to help.


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Habersham County (AJR)

Cornelia, GA. The Runway Fish Camp is just a short walk from the  airport — open only Thursday evening through Sunday lunch. An incredible “all you can eat” array of seafood, barbeque, and lots of other great food. Dinner served on Thurs., Friday, & Sat —  lunch only on Sunday. Park plane at airport and ask anyone there to point you in the right direction & it’s a short walk to a full tummy!

Callaway Gardens – Harris County (PIM)

Pine Mountain, GA. The Callaway Gardens shuttle will come get you and take you anywhere you want to go. Several restuarants, motels, golf, the light show and, of course, the Gardens.

Richard B Russell (RMG)

Rome, GA. Prop Stop Deli open 7days-good sandwiches. EAA Chapter hosts breakfast 2nd Saturday of month.

Peach State (GA2)

Williamson, GA. 3000 foot grass strip is home to the Barnstormers Workshop and the Barnstormers Grill. Grill open Wednesday through Saturday 9:30 am – 9 pm, Sunday 9:30 am – 3pm. A full menu that includes famous Austrailian Bar-B-Que.


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Lansing Municipal (IGQ)

Lansing, IL. Near Gary Indiana. Nice restaurant overlooking the airport- Shannon’s Landing 708 418-1467 live music on weekends. Sun Aero Helicopters- training 708 895-8958

Central Illinois Regional (KBMI)
Excellent restaurant (CJ’s- 309 663-4444 newly remodeled)in the old terminal building – park in front of the door (not the FBO). Also home of Bloomington Avionics 309 663 2303 or 888 613-2713 good supply of new and used equipment- ask for Greg. Prarie  Aviation Museum also on field. Class D airspace so no transponder requirement.

Clow International (1C5)

Plainfield, IL. Don’t let the name scare you! This is a nice little paved 3,300′ strip W/SW of Chicago, (outside of Chicago’s class B airspace) with the restaurant right off the side of the runway.Charlie’s, is a wonderful cafe located in the FBO building with picture  windows overlooking the ramp area. The FBO looks to have been built in the last few years and the airport appears to have seen significant upgrades in the last decade. I had a great breakfast (really one of the better in recent memory) of eggs, bacon and  pancakes for under $6. The menu was extensive and there was a variety of customers from mothers with kids to businessmen to a group of ten senior aviators sharing stories. Just down the road about a 1/4 mile there is a wide assortment of every chain  restaurant you could name – Friday’s, Chili’s, Bennigan’s, Steak and Shake, etc.

Greater Rockford (RFD)

Rockford, IL. LaMere’s Sunday Breakfast Buffet. Sunday’s 8:30am-1:00pm. Excellent waffles,omelettes to order, etc. Seating overlooking the runways. $7.99 adults and $4.99 kids 4-10. 815-967-0377


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Fulton County (RCR)

Rochester, IN. Beautful 4,400′ paved runway, light traffic, fuel.
About 90 miles east/southeast of Chicago. Land, taxi through the
hangar area, and then taxi over the grass to the far southeast
corner of the field. Park right across the street (no fences)
from Karen’s (219-223-5960) Kitchen for a great meal at a great
price. There are also about 3 other restaurants across from the
airport, but Karen’s is the one for breakfast!

Lee Bottom Flying Field (64I)

Hanover, IN. This airport is home to the regions favorite antique
and classic fly-in – Wood, Fabric, & Tailwheels Fly-In. It
is nestled in a quiet Ohio River river bottom. Known for its friendly
atmosphere, this airport is one of the last airports of yesterday.
Everyone who loves flying and has a good attitude is welcome.


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Amana (C11)

Amana, IA. Grass strip, under the outer layer of Cedar Rapids
airspace. Walking distance to famous Amana restaurants and shops.
Amana Colonies were established in the 1850’s by German immigrants
seeking religious freedom. They were not Amish, and had their
own style, where no one owned anything and everyone owned everything.
What you might describe as a pure communistic (not like Soviet
Union) society. In the 1930’s they changed to a corporation and
everyone was issued shares. They were self supporting, with a
canal dug to provide power to furniture factories, woolen mills,
etc. Many of these can be seen today, and there are half a dozen
restaurants that serve German style food, family style.

Iowa City Municipal (IOW)

Iowa City, IA. Alexis Park Inn & Suites. Aviation theme motel just off the end
of runway 25 in Iowa City. Great place to stay when traveling
through or looking for a getaway spot.

Lamoni Municipal (LDW)

Lamoni, IA. A great stop for those cross country travelers to Oskosh or
>Benton Harbor with close accomodations and lots of hospitality. The
>Lamoni VOR sits half way between Kansas City and Des Moinses and Omaha,
>Neb. and Columbia Mo. 24 hour fuel @$3.90 per gal.(7-4-07) Camping
>allowed for those who brave the elements. Further information Call:
>Dennis McIntire 641 784-6701. Assoc. Mem. #6566

Pella Municipal (PEA)

Pella, IA. Pella is an old Dutch community. The community tries
to keep their Dutch heritage alive and each spring they have their
annual “Tulip festival” that lasts a week to ten days.
There are restaurants and shops available. The airport FBO is
also a Cessna 120 owner.


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Beaumont Hotel Airport (SN07)

Beaumont, KS. The Beaumont airport is a 2600X80’grass strip PVT(SN07)122.9
about 40 miles east of Wichita in the middle of the Flint Hills.
From the south end of the strip you taxi directly into town. You
park just south of the main street and the Beaumont hotel. The
Hotel was built in the late 1800’s and has been rebuilt for pilots
and motorcyclists. Breakfast is wonderful and if you like the
food you can stay all night in the hotel and enjoy more good meals.
The town residents consist of about 10 cowboys and 5 dogs but
on the weekends the population doubles or triples with pilots
and cyclists.

Miami County Airport (K81)

Paola, KS We-B-Smokin barbecue restaurant on the ramp.Sun. Breakfast
till 1:00 PM. Mon. Closed. Tue.-Fri. Lunch & dinner. Sat.
Breakfast, lunch & dinner.Airport is located halfway between
Osawatomie and Paola.3400′ paved 03/21, 122.8 CTAF 100LL self


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Middlesboro – Bell County (1A6)

Middlesboro, KY. This airport sits in a bowl that was supposely
made by a meteor several years ago. The P-38
Glacier Girl
as seen on the History channel is located at
1A6 on display. Anyone flying in this area should stop in and
look at it and see the story behind it all. It would be a good
stop over place for anyone going to Lumberton. Be careful going
in, the hills are all around but if you get set up properly for
landing there should be no problems. Most people go in high and
fast. Just get your speed right and you should have no problems.


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Easton/Newman Field (ESN)

Easton, MD. Very nice place for breakfast or lunch. Park right
in front and watch the planes.


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Chatham Municipal (CQX)

Chatham, MA. Chatham Airport is located on Cape Cod, adjacent to the town of Chatham. Flying into Chatham offers an excellent
view of Cape Cod’s outer beaches and beautiful seascapes. There is one 3000 foot runway on the field and a nice restaurant for
breakfast or lunch during the Summer months.

Katama Airpark (1B2)

Edgartown, MA. From Memorial Day thru mid-October, Katama is a wonderful ocean-side destination for Cessna 120-140 pilots. Located on Marthas Vinyard, on the outskirts of beautiful Edgartown, Katama is an all-grass airport located adjacent to sandy South Beach. Pilots flying into Katama can enjoy the great little restaurant at the airport, taxi or walk to the beach, or take a bus/taxi into Edgartrown and roam the entire island. Katama uses a unicom frequency, and is outside the class D airspace of the main Marthas Vineyard airport.

Provincetown Municipal (PVC)

Provincetown, MA. Provincetown Airport is located on the tip of Cape Cod, adjacent to Race Point Beach, where there are showers and restrooms. Cab service is available at the terminal to get into Provincetown. There is no restaurant at the airport. They use a right hand pattern for Runway 25, which keeps the air traffic out over the beach. On a nice Summer day, there are a lot of planes parked there.


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Watervliet Municipal (40C)

Watervliet, MI. This is a wonderful little grass two-runway airport.
Taxi all the way to the north end of 2/20 and park out of the
way by a homeowner’s hangar (he likes to see planes come there).
Take a noticeable trail down a small hill to the highway, and
then walk about one block north to Ma n’ Pa’s (616-463-3344)Kettle.
This restaurant is adjacent to a small campground, and you can
even arrange a canoe trip there (about twelve of us did this in
2002 and had a blast). Restaurant is good, friendly, and a favorite
for lots of Chicago pilots and others to visit. About 90 miles
around the lake from Chicago.


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Creve Coeur (1H0)

St. Louis, MO. Nice place with paved and grass runways. Lunch
every Sunday. Lots of antique aircraft based plus small museum
doing restorations. Airport rebuilt after ’93 flood.

Applegate Airport (15MO)

Queen City, MO Applegate airport is a 2300 foot grass strip just
south of Queen City Mo. (North of Kirksville Mo.) on the Chicago
sectional. Everyone is welcome on August 10th 2003 to this annual
event. Lots of taildraggers and free food served at about Noon.
Let’s see a good turnout of 120-140s. Hope to see you there.


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Jean Airport (0L7)

Jean, NV Great place to stop for an overnight, especially if you
don’t want to deal with busy Las Vegas traffic. The Gold Strike
Hotel and Casino is within walking distance of the airport. Buffet
was good.


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Alton Bay SPB (B18)

Alton Bay, NH. Alton Bay is unique in that it is the only State&Fed
licensed facility that is a registered ice airport in the winter,&
a SPB in summer. It is plowed and maintained and hosts weekend
fly-ins as well as restaurants.Obviously-watch your handling techniques&speed!

Hampton Airfield (7B3)

Hampton, NH. Located near the seashore in southern New Hampshire,
Hampton is a grass-runway airport that has an abundance of classic/antigue
aircraft on the field. There is also an excellent restaurant on
the field that serves breakfast and lunch. J-3 Cubs are still
used there for flight instruction, and biplane rides are available
in an American Standard or a Fleet. A nice stop if you’re in the


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Millville Municipal (MIV)

Millville, NJ. Great breakfast and lunch 7 days a week right on
the airport. FSS is on the field

New York

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Great Valley (N56)

Great Valley, NY. East of Jamestown, New York, 3 miles from Ellicottville
NY which is the location of Holiday Valley Ski Resort-Winter.Golf
(18 holes) in summer, VERY nice motel, excellent resturants in
town. Field 1s 3800feet, well kept turf. ( King Air uses it.)
Caution in winter…deep snow! Owner, Neil Eddy , who also owns
restaurant across highway from airport. Car available at times.

Dart Field (D79)

Mayville, NY A busy grass field just northwest of Lake Chautauqua
in southwestern New York, Dart is an excellent weekend destination.
A small restaurant on the field is open during the summer with
hours from breakfast to dinner. A collection of fascinating odds
and ends and pieces of history (from old model kits to unique
aircraft and radial engines) is on display in the museum adjacent
to the restaurant.

Please exercise caution and common sense when
arriving and departing. There is extensive glider activity, and
many of them (and some aircraft) do not have radios. Those that
do will announce on 122.90. Powered aircraft should use runway
13/31, as gliders often land on 6/24. When landing 31, stay high
enough on base and final so aircraft on the ground can see you
over the buildings. Transient parking is in the short-cut grass
between runway 13/31 and the parallel road. When departing, taxi
in a full circle at the runup area (at the intersection of the
runways) once you are ready to roll to make sure there is no conflicting
traffic in the pattern.

Randolph Airport (D85)

Randolph, NY. Randolph Airport (D85) Detroit Sectional , Privately
owned,public use, 2400′ grass runway (8-26)winter ski operations,
summer operations ocassional RC models. CTAF 122.9. No.fuel sales.Maintenance
services available thru “AERO ENTERPRISES” ( Vern Crandall)
(716) 267-5833. Courtsey vehicle available on prior arrangement,
R&M reataurant one mile, Oregano’s restaurant two miles, Chautuagua
Lake and Institute 18 miles, Kinzua Resevoir 14 miles, Seneca
Casino @ Salamanca 16 miles.Holiday Valley Ski resort 20 miles.Overnight
camping on field permitted.Visit the “Enchanted Mountains”
of Western New York for great fall colors.Owners / Operators Bob
and Anita Campbell (716) 358-4210 or E-mail @

North Carolina

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Causey Airport (2A5)

Liberty, NC The restaurant here, “Fran’s Front Porch”
has closed effective June 24, 2004 after many years of serving
great food. Mac Forbes 7/24/04

Rutherford County – Marchman Field (FQD)

Rutherfordton, NC Popular $50 burger fly-out destination in western
NC — restaurant on field (closed Sunday and Monday).


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Carroll County – Tolson (TSO)

Carrollton, OH. 2 restaurants, one on and the other off field.Blue
Bird Farm Restaurant is a short walk from the field, just follow
the signs.

Lakefield (CQA)

Celina, OH. Lakefield is on the west side of Grand Lake. The FBO
has a courtesy car. Bella’s Italian Grille in Celina (a couple
of miles from the airport) offered an inexpensive but very nice
lunch with a view of the lake. The International Cessna 120-140
had their 1988 convention at Celina.

Mansfield Lahm Municipal (MFD)

Mansfield, OH. Mansfield may be a towered field, but the controllers
are friendly to small planes. The Flying Turtle Restaurant offers
a nice aviation atmosphere with decent food.

Putnam County (OWX)

Ottawa, OH. Putnam County has a very friendly airport manager
who makes solid wood airplane bookshelves to hang on your wall.
He has one unique design of an ag-plane. In Ottawa, you’ll find
the Red Pig Inn, an award winning BBQ place. They’ll pick you
up at the airport or you can call ahead to reserve the courtesy

Carl R Keller Field (PCW)

Port Clinton, OH. Port Clinton is a nice place to land near Lake
Erie without the challenge of being on one of the islands. There
are 2 restaurants that will come to the field to pick you up –
Nate’s as well as one with a winery.

Grimes Field (I74)

Urbana, OH. Known for its pies, there is a diner right on the
field, overlooking the ramp. Basic fare at a decent price. Be
aware, they take only cash and can get busy at lunchtime on the


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Ponca City Municipal (PNC)

Ponka City, OK. The local EAA chapter has a fly-in breakfast on
the 1st Saturday of the month. They had lots of different airiplanes
in November. Breakfast was good and only $5 for about all you
could eat.


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Bandon State (S05)

Bandon, OR. This is a flier friendly airport where the coffee
pot is always on and the conversation flows. The office is usually
populated with an interesting assortment of aviators of the “Old
School” including former military, Alaska bush and even a
former spook or two. The Oregon coast is as scenic a destination
as a person could ask for and the recreational opportunities of
this area are unsurpassed. Stop and see Frank and the boys it’s
a treat you will enjoy.

Flying M Ranch (OR05)

Yamhill, OR. Apx. 18 SM from the 270 radial Newberg VOR, apx.
35 SM SW of Portland OR. A private strip open to the public.
One way in/out grass strip, dude ranch with cabins and great lodge
with good food. A popular local flyout site for the Portland Metro
area pilots. Study the website and overfly the field to study.
Early mornings are best for no wind. Land beyond the pond on short
final. Busy place on the weekends!

McMinnville Municipal (MMV)

McMinnville, OR. Located across the street from Evergreen Aviation
Museum (,
where the Spruce Goose now resides. Many rare flying aircraft,
this is a huge facility (obviously!) with a cafe. MMV will host
the Northwest Antique Airplane Club’s Annual Fly-In, 3rd weekend
in August every year. Largest antique/classic airplane event in
the Northwest. Loaner cars on the airport. Powered and Glider
training on the field. McMinnville is in the middle of some of
the best Willamette Valley wine vineyards-a great way to spend
a day wine tasting (you’ll need a ‘designated pilot’?)….


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Venango Regional (FKL)

Franklin, PA. Venango is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills
and trees. Prima Barones Italian Restaurant is on the field. They
were very good and offered a view of one of the two runways. The
FBO offers a discount on fuel if you show them your restaurant

Williamsport Regional (IPT)

Williamsport, PA. Williamsport has a restaurant over the terminal
with a view of the entire field. The FBO also offers a courtesy
car if you want to go into town. Although this a towered field
with regular commuter service, the controllers were very friendly.


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Block Island State (BID)

Block Island, RI. Block Island is located off the coast of Rhode
Island and CT, and makes a delightful day stop, if flying over
a little water does not bother you. The airport is located at
the center of the island, and hosts commuter airline traffic from
nearby New London, CT or other locations. One can walk or take
a cab to Old Harbor to see some interesting waterfront hotels,
an active marina, ferry boat dock, a great beach, and several
nice restaurants. A small restaurant is located on the airfield,
but fuel often is not available.


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Murfreesboro Municipal (MBT)

Murfreesboro, TN. EAA chapter 419 Breakfast 2nd Saturday each
Month 8:00 To 10:00

Municipal (BGF)

Winchester, TN. Monthly breakfast fly-in. Phone contact is: 931-967-3148.


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Municipal (11R)

Brenham, TX. New resurfaced runway, new terminal building, 1950″s
style diner with wood deck in back overlooking small lake. Good
food! Courtesy car: Blue Bell ice cream factory tours.

Municipal (HDO)

Hondo, TX. Good food at the Flight Line Cafe-Taxi up to the front

Municipal (6R9)

Llano, TX. Cheapest self serve gas in the area-Friendly people-
Good runway,Courtesy car. Short drive into town to Coopers BBQ
,said to be the best in Texas!


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Harbor (B06)

Vergennes, VT. Turf field. Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.Red
Mill restuarant. Basin Harbor Resort open Mid-May to Mid Oct.


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Ridge (MTV)

Martinsville, VA. The Blue Ridge Airport is home of the “Runway
Cafe”. This little cafe has a terrific menu that isreasonably
priced. It’s only open Tuesday thru Saturday for lunch andFriday
and Saturday night for dinner.


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Airport (HQM)

Hoquiam, WA. Bring your appetite to this nice little cafe on the
Washington coast, ‘cuz they bring you a huge plate of food, including
a burger bigger than most Cessna 140 tires!

Field (VUO)

Vancouver, WA. Pearson Field Musuem (
on the field with vintage aircraft and a restoration facility.
A short walk to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, the end
of the Oregon Trail and Hudson’s Bay Fur Trade fort. Easy walk
(.5 to 1mile) into downtown Vancouver for food or lodging. Fancy
restaraunt on Officer’s Row, again a short walk. Be mindful of
PDX International cut-out and class D requirement for contact
with PDX tower (119.0) for advisory when entering Pearson, which
is not a big deal. Fly in for the biggest firework display west
of the Mississippi on 4th of July (and check the NOTAMS, it is
a BIG deal as the airport is smack dab in the middle of it all!).

Air Terminal/McAllister Field (YKM)

Yakima, WA Yakima/Mcallister is centrally located in the State
of Washington. On the east end of the field is the McAllister
Museum of Aviation were you can take a tour, buy some snacks,
and even refuel your aircraft. On the northern side of the airport,
located just above the terminal is the Flight Deck restraurant.
There is also a Hertz car rental. You can rent a car and go out
for a day of wine tasting in the Yakima Valley. Yakima has a variety
of things to do for a $100.00 hamburger run.


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Municipal – Frankman Field (4G7)

Fairmont, WV. Fairmont is a fairly quiet little strip between
Morgantown and Clarksburg, WV. There may not be many people around,
but there is a great 50s/60s-themed, stainless steel diner just
a few hundred feet down the road to the left as you walk off the
airport. Great lunch stop. Watch the rising terrain and trees
just south of the runway, which has a mild change in slope itself.

Airport (WV30)

Rainelle, WV. 3300 foot grass strip. Open from late spring to
early fall. Great food on Friday and weekends, no fuel. About
60 nm east of Charleston near the Rainelle VOR. Private strip
but visitors are welcome. Watch your density altitude in the summer,
field elevation is 3446 MSL. On most weekends it is like going
to a small airshow. Everything from a 1942 Gull Wing to a 2002
Jet Ranger landed there one Sunday. This was the fly out adventure
at the 1997 International Cessna 120-140 Association Convention.


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Lawn (C59)

Delavan, WI. Paved N/S 4,400 runway, lots of free parking and
no fees, but use airport at own risk. Airport is in good shape,
but no longer maintained as well as years ago. You’ll see some
small corporate jets occasionally. Use caution in winter if there
is snow! Lake Lawn Lodge right across the street (and about a
one-block walk or call for a ride 414-728-7950) has a wonderful
Sunday buffet, or else go to the cafe for a mini-buffet (still
good). Golfing on premises, dog track down the street. Beautiful
area on north shore of Lake Delavan, which is just northwest of
Lake Geneva.

County (JVL)

Janesville, WI. Friendly restaurant with lots of planes on Sunday
mornings. Blackhawk technical college on field

Geneva Resort (C02)

Lake Geneva, WI. Grand Geneva is the old Playboy Club (now long-gone!). It has a 3,800′ paved runway. Office is closed in the winter,
so walk about two blocks to the resort building or call 414-248-8811 for a ride. A very popular fly-in spot for golfing, snow-skiing
(they have their own ski resort), horseback riding, or just a meal in one of their three on-site restaurants. On Sunday, see
if General Shirley is working in the restaurant. She is currently a three-star general that works the weekdays in the Pentagon!
Very friendly and likes pilots! Her late husband was an SR-71 pilot. Airport is about 2 miles E/NE of Lake Geneva. BEAUTIFUL
decor around Christmas!


Lyons, WI. If you’re in the area and need parts/accessories stop
in at Wag-Aero. Open weekdays only from 8:30-4:30. They have their
own 3,100′ East-West and 2,100′ North-South turf strips. Located
a little ways northeast of Lake Geneva, on the Chicago sectional.
— Latitude 42°, 39 min.-60″; Longitude 88, 21 min.-45″.

County Regional – Truax Field (MSN)

Madison, WI. Jet Room on east ramp. Good food, nice view of ramp
area and busy on Sunday morning. Newly re-opened and very nice.

Municipal (RYV)

Watertown, WI. FBO will give you a 10% off ticket. The restaurant
is 2 minute walk. Open 7 days a week from 6AM to 2PM. Menu is
complete. A Perkins type place. Good stop. Felt very welcome.