Please Update Your Email Address

A major benefit of membership in the Cessna 120-140 Association is access to our quarterly newsletter. Each newsletter contains a mix of interesting stories, valuable technical tips and links to useful resources. Over the past 18 months we have migrated the primary method of distribution through email announcements which allow the newsletters to be downloaded in PDF format. Periodically other important information will be distributed via email as well.

Problem! Many members change their email address and forget to update their member profile with the new information. It’s easy to update your member profile on the website: login using your membership number and password, then select the option “Click here to modify your Association Membership data”.  This will open your membership profile page – make any changes and then click the “Update” button. Easy enough!

If you experience any difficulty with either the login process to the “Members Only” area of the website or with the process of updating your profile, please contact me and I will help solve the problem.

Happy New Year!
Rob Swanland,
Website & Forum Administrator