International Cessna 120-140 Association
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Member Produced Products/Services
Replacement Door Hinges
For 120-140-140A
Carbon Fiber Wheel Pants and Mounting Plates
Fits all Cessna 120-140-140A-170
Door latch springs
for Cessna 120-140-140A-170-170A-170B
Garmin III Pilot yoke mount
Jack Pad for Cessna 120-140-140A
Cessna 120 or 140 Bumper Stickers
FAA/PMA Fuel Valve for C120/140
Strut Cuffs
Strut Cuffs
C150 exhaust
Cessna 150 Exhaust STC

Headliner Installation Video
Cessna 120-140-140A

The Bib-Bee Nose Bowl Cover
Tailwheel Basics Video

Instrument Panel Insert
Aircraft Cockpit Lights

Tie Down Rings

Decker 'Pretzel' Yoke Hub and Repair Kit

Aileron/Flap Gust Lock

Dip Davis Cowl Latch STC

Dip Davis Pop Rivet Fabric Attachment Kit

Plexiglas Instrument Panel Insert

30 Amp Alternator

Tie Down Rings for Cessna 120-140 Aircraft

Breather Elbow
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