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Carbon Fiber Wheel Pants and Carbon Fiber Mounting Plates
Fits all Cessna 120/140/140A/170 models

The Lahti Aerospace wheel pants are exact replicas of the originals, but manufactured out of carbon fiber/epoxy lay-up. They are the same weight as the original metal wheel pants, but are tougher and more durable. They are also half the weight and twice as strong as other fiberglass wheel pants. They come finished with gray primer and have all the rivet heads and details that are on the original metal wheel pants.

The Lahti Aerospace mounting plates are manufactured from molds that were made from an original set of mounting plates from Cessna. They are also made from carbon fiber/epoxy lay-up, vacuum bagged and high temperature cured for high strength.
They have been modified to fit Cleveland brakes. If you have Goodyear's let me know - I can modify them to fit Goodyear brakes.
They have #10 nut plates riveted to them for a quick installation.

I also have a small supply of used axle nuts if you need them for the installation.

Please specify what type aircraft you have when ordering.

The prices are as follows:
$600 for the set (2) of wheel pants
$200 for the set (2) of mounting plates
$75 for the set (2) of axle nuts

The STC and PMA are pending with an approval date expected for the fall of 2004 for both the wheel pants and mounting plates. As of the end of Oshkosh 2004 I have sold 10 sets to owners of 120's, 140's and 170's. I will also provide copies of the 337 forms for the wheel pants and mounting plates that were approved for my 140 until I receive the STC's. At that time, I will send a copy of the STC's to all previous customers.

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